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Nadia Carine Fornel Poutou, Esq.
Executive President
Association of Women Lawyers of Central African Republic

FORNEL POUTOU Nadia Carine is a training lawyer, holder of a Master’s degree in Human Law and Humanitarian Action from the Catholic University of Central Africa of Yaoundé, and a Master’s degree in Private Law Option judicial careers from the University of Bangui. She is Executive President of the Association of Women Lawyers of Central African Republic (AFJC) and is currently a Project Coordinator at the AFJC. She has ten years of professional experience in the field of promotion, protection, and improvement of the living conditions of women and children, legal assistance, the fight against impunity, and the legal management of gender-based violence in CAR. An active member of civil society, her professional ambition is to continue to work in the field of promoting and protecting human rights and combating gender-based violence.


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