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Carla Ferstman, LL.B., LL.M., DPhil (Oxon.)
Senior Lecturer
University of Essex, School of Law

Carla Ferstman is a senior lecturer in the law faculty at the University of Essex. She is the former Director of REDRESS (2004–2018) and previously Legal Director (2001–2004). After a brief period in private practice, she worked with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Rwanda (1995–1997), Amnesty International (1998–1999), and was Executive Legal Advisor of the Commission for Real Property Claims of Refugees and Displaced Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1999–2001). She is a member of the experts committee of the Convention Against Torture Initiative. She also serves on the Board of Trauma Treatment International and the Nuhanovic Foundation and is a member of the Advisory Committee of Lawyers for Justice in Libya.

Selected Citations to Published Materials
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  • Carla Ferstman, International Organizations and the Fight for Accountability: The Remedies and Reparations Gap (OUP 2017).
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