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Kamari Maxine Clarke, Ph.D., M.S.L.
Professor of Global and International Studies
Carleton University

Kamari Maxine Clarke is a professor at Carleton University in International and Global Studies. She also teaches in the department of Law and Legal Studies and in the Anthropology department. Over her career she has taught at Yale University (1999-2012), the University of Pennsylvania (2012-2015), and the University Toronto (2015) and was the former chair of the Council on African Studies at Yale (2007-2010) and the co-founder of the Center for Transnational Cultural Analysis at Yale. For more than 20 years, Professor Clarke has conducted research on issues related to legal institutions, human rights and international law, religious nationalism and the politics of globalization. She has spent her career exploring theoretical questions of culture and power and in the field of law and anthropology detailing the relationship between new social formations and contemporary problems.

Selected Citations to Published Materials
  • Kamari Maxine Clarke, Fictions of Justice: The International Criminal Court and the Challenge of Legal Pluralism in Sub-Saharan Africa (Cambridge University Press, 2009).
  • Africa and the ICC: Perceptions of Justice (Kamari Maxine Clarke, Abel Knottnerous & Eefje de Volder, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2016).
  • Mirrors of Justice: Law and Power in the Post Cold War Era (Kamari Maxine Clarke & Mark Goodale, eds., Cambridge University Press, 2009).
  • Kamari Maxine Clarke, Refiguring the perpetrator: culpability, history and international criminal law’s impunity gap, 19 Int’l J. of Hum. Rts. 5: 592-614 (2015).
  • Kamari Maxine Clarke & Sarah-Jane Koulen, The Legal Politics of the Article 16 Decision: The International Criminal Court, The UN Security Council and Ontologies of a Contemporary Compromise, 7 AJLS 3: 297-319 (2014).


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