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U.S. Sanctions issue

I think the foundation of law and the principles of fundamental justice allows on an independent complaint from any state party, is sufficient to provide jurisdiction where American laws are of no...
2 years 3 weeks

responsibility issue

The right to refuse any command or order has been well established since the times of the Roman act none statute. Furthermore, even if the right to kill does exist, that right is limited to self...
3 years 36 weeks

anniversary issue

To create an independent middle that can negotiate for victims, I believe those resource as the national security state parties are aware requires the national security counsel for state parties to...
4 years 31 weeks

performance issue

I don't know what to think about court assessment. I do know that Rome was visited and replied to every visitor till they admitted where they Rome at except Italy or the city state. This was a...
5 years 29 weeks

withdrawal issue

The African state unions have taken the liberty of establishing rules that govern society. Their leadership as people in establishing the justice international is entrenched. The ability of the...
5 years 49 weeks

arrest issue

Issuing the warrant by direct indictment to the state of residence for endorsement of their superior court(province). Including issuing habious corpus results(flight risk? Or constant offender?)
6 years 11 weeks

withdrawal issue

I think the jurisdiction of the court is and remains available. The thought a judiciary exists globally where non member states cannot use the jurisdiction of the icc goes against the intent the...
6 years 11 weeks

africa issue

The situations on Africa are caused by learned behavioral issues and cycles of learned abusive patterns of authority, jurisdiction, and the rights of the civilian individual, in specific woman/...
9 years 46 weeks

Politics Lecture issue

Prosecution is not a political issue. the consequence of prosecution findings are absolute. to allow the arm of the court organ to engage in politics where a general assembly of authority and...
9 years 50 weeks

oversight issue

Article 112 provides the assembly with responsibility and duties for the operation of the Court- including enforcement procedures, The oversight role did not include the Court as responsible for...
9 years 50 weeks

Efficiency issue

An efficient Court Operation, 1. is for the purpose too attain the ends of Justice, and 2. where Jurisdiction is not possessed, as Limited de facto, or as Limited without an agreement, has in...
9 years 51 weeks

Mass Rape issue

The primary issue of the Courts jurisdiction relates indirectly with a court martial process. The primary issue at Bar before the Law Courts International, is readiness. Although Prosecutors and...
9 years 51 weeks

Victims Lecture issue

Assuming that a Court exists for alleged War crimes and Judicially real- Victims [MUST] exist. For victims to exist there [must] be a degree of participation. Victims do not have rights, victims...
9 years 51 weeks

gaza issue

A prosecutor only has authority as granted by the state party Under Charter. The courts duty is to insure that for want of jurisdiction the prosecutor is limited, or Barred from exercising that...
9 years 51 weeks